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Fort Vauban Fouras

UNESCO Heritage List

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The fort is located on the site of a former roman stronghold.
Throughout the centuries it knew many changes - the tower was rebuilt between 1480 and 1490 by Jehan de Brosse, chambellan to king Charles VII of France - but the establishment of the arsenal of Rochefort in 1666 makes it a centerpiece of the defense system of the Charente estuary.
From 1689 to 1693, Francis Ferry, engineer of King Louis XIV, works under the leadership of Vauban - then General Commissar of Fortifications - to adapt the medieval ramparts to the new needs and military techniques and by increasing the thickness of the interior walls he creates at 36 m above the sea, a platform for 9 cannons.

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Longitude: -1.0974
Visiting Hours:Opening of the Fort: free from 9:00 to 19:00 every day.
Guided tour of the fortifications and underground parts of the dungeon (crypt), including museum admission: 14 pm daily (except Mondays) between June and September.


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