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Fort Medoc

UNESCO Heritage List

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Fort Medoc, Fort Pate and Citadel de Blaye were the three Vauban fortifications designed to protect the Gironde Estuary and Bordeaux from attacks from the water. Fort Medoc is the second in size after Citadel de Blaye. It consists of four bastions connected by walls, two turned to the river (bastions of the Dolphin and Sea) and two on the Médoc (bastions of the King and France). It is surrounded by ditches that are connected to Gironde via a system of locks that allow the water to be maintained regardless of the tide. The fort was built starting from 1690 and its completion took 32 years even though the army took possession of it in 1691 while many of its features were not completed.

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Address:33460 Cussac-Fort-Médoc
Web Site:
Visiting Hours: The fort is open all days in high season.
For more information contact the the Townhall of Cussac-Fort-Médoc at


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