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Fort Louvois

UNESCO Heritage List

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Situated now at the foot of the bridge that links Oleron Island with the continent Fort Louvois is the last fort built during the reign of King Louis XIV.
This horse shoe shaped fort is an island accessible by a free shuttle boat during the high tide and by foot during low tide - a 400m paved pathway links it to the continent. The summit of the tower offers an incredible panorama of the bay of Marennes.
The construction of the fort was ordered in 1690 for the protection from the South side of the arsenal of Rochefort. The name Louvois comes from the name of Marquis of Louvois the war minister of the King Sun, and who contracted the fort construction to the engineer Francois Ferry and not to Vauban.
At the death of Louvois in 1691 Vauban takes over the leadership of the project, the architectural plans proposed by Ferry are scraped and the fort is built according to Vauban's plans.
The fort is listed as Historic monument by the French ministry of Culture since June 14 1929.

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Address:Port du Chapus 17560 Bourcefranc-le-Chapus
Visiting Hours:At low tide: access by a paved walk of 400 meters.
At high tide: Access by boat from the port of Chapus (crossing 5 min.)
- July-August: 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. Access by foot or boat depending on the tide. Closed on July 14th. - March to June, September - October: open during the hours of low tide.
- Easter holidays, and long weekends- end of May and June: open at low tide and high tide.


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