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Fort Liberia

UNESCO Heritage List

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Fort Libéria was built between 1681 and 1683 for the protection of Villefranche-de-Conflent, town that the fort overlooks from a steep hill. It was a part of the plan of King Louis XIV to reinforce his border with Spain after the Treaty of the Pyrenees.
The little fort was meant to accommodate up to 100 soldiers and artillery of 10 cannons.
Being on a steep hill the fort takes advantage of the relief and is built on 3 levels separated by thick wall, that were meant to provide a tight compartmentalization in case of enemy occupying on of the levels.
The first level contains the remains of the old officers’ barrack and a watchtower.
The second level accessible via two portals from the first level houses the main barrack and a rain water collection and treatment system.
The third and highest level houses a small beautifully built in Catalan style barrack and is bordered at its rear side by a big trench.
Fort Liberia - now a private property - is accessible by foot after a 20min hike starting from outside Vilefrenche-de-Conflent, with a 4X4 taxi or from the village itself via a 19th century built underground tunnel called the tunnel of 1000 steps in referrence to its number of steps (that is only 734).

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Address:66 500 Villefranche de Conflent
Visiting Hours:OPENING HOURS - July-August: 9am to 8pm non-stop - May-June: 10am to 7pm non-stop - Other periods: 10 am to 6pm non-stop


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