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Comtal Chateau of Carcassonne

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The Comtal Castle of Carcassonne is in itself a monument, a fortress inside the fortress of the Cité de Carcassonne.
The castle was built in the 12th century by the Trencavel family, Viscounts of Carcassonne, Agde, Albi, Ambialet, Béziers, Nîmes and of Razès, in short the most powerful family of what is now the southwest of France after the Count of Toulouse and the King of Aragon. The place chosen by the Trencavels was the highest point of the Carcassonne fortress on an already existent stronghold dating from the Roman times.
It is from the Trencavel times that date the keep and principal block ("corps de logis") on the northern side of the castle.
The castle was rebuilt and refurbished many times thorough out centuries. In the 13th century after Carcassonne was conquered by the armies allied with the King of France, the castle was added its round towers connected by fortified walls, the draw bridge, the curtain wall side and the moat.
Today the former Trencavel lodgings house a Medieval museum that includes artifacts like pictures dating from the late 12th to early 13th century depicting a combat between the Christians and Saracens (in the Trencavel family living quarters!), a white marble 12th century ablution fountain (religious cleansing fountain), a horizontal statue of a knight dating from the 13th or 14th century etc. (see photos for more items on display).

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