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Commarque Castle

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Commarque Castle is now a romantic ruin that dominates the valley of Beune.
The site is a repository of layers of archaeological traces that date since 100,000 years ago. For at the feet of the the medieval fortress there is a neolithic troglodytic village that was build on top of prehistoric caves that still preserve carved animals on the walls, including a beautiful life-sized horse (the cave is not open to the public).
In the 12th century the castle was donnated by its ower of the time Gerard de Comarque, at his depature to a croisade, to the Templiers.
The castle was abandoned in 16th century and only in 1970 its actual owner Hubert de Commarque decided to buy the castle that bears his ancenstors name.
Since then he has tried to bring to daylight more and more of the artifacts that centuries passed have buried - a restoration operation that is still undergone today.
The site that is now visited by more then 20,000 visitors annually is listed as a "Historic Monument" by the French Ministry of Culture.
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Address: Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, Dordogne
Visiting Hours:April and All Saints holidays: from 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
May, June, September: from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
July and August: from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Last admissions 1 hour before closing.


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