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Collioure Castle And Village

UNESCO Heritage List

Visitor's Rating: (3 out of 4/Number of Votes:2)

The Royal Fort of Collioure was built initially by the earls of Roussillon starting in the 11th century.
Between 1276 and 1344 the castle was the residence of the Kings of Majorca. During this period the castle is extended and enhanced. In 1345 the castle is taken by the king of Aragon Pedro IV starting at that moment until 1642 when the Spanish occupation ends is little by little changed from a royal residence into a fortress. In 1642 the Collioure fortress along with Salses and Perpignan are surrendered to the French armies (their surrender makes way to the signing in 1659 of the Treaty of Pyrenees that ends the Franco-Spanish wars and when the Roussillon province becomes a part of the French kingdom).
In the 17th century Vauban is in charge with overhauling the fortress. He adds the shooting rampart facing the sea, the protection bastions, the interior "half-moon" and the amunition storage place, giving the stronghold his nowadays shape. Beside the Fort Royal Vauban builds in 1679 Fort Miradou on the hill overlooking the village, fort that is still in use by the French Army.

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Web Site:
Longitude: 3.0846
Visiting Hours:July and August open from 10am to 7pm
September to June open from 9am to 5pm
Closed January 1st, May 1st, August 15, August 16, December 25.


Added by: Adriana Added on: 19 Nov 2012

Very nice place to visit especially on a sunny day! The catalan sun, the flower covered houses and the calm sea with the many small boats makes it a beautiful place.

Added by: Karra Added on: 30 Oct 2014

We had a very nice time this summer at Collioure. One of the nices towns on the French Catalan coast of the Mediterranean Sea. (only draw back... to to crowded!)


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