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Chateau de la Roche Courbon

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Roche Courbon Castle - a Loire River valley castle relocated south in the Charente Maritime!
Built initially on a rocky outcrop in the 15th century the castle was transformed from a medieval fortress into a magnificent residence by the Marquis Jean-Louis de Courbon in the 17th century. It is the Marquis de Courbon who also created in the front of the castle, on the west banks of the Bruant watercourse beautiful "à la Français" gardens. The nowadays gardens that bear the label "Jardin Remarquable" - "Remarkable Garden" - were designed towards the end of the 20th century by Jacques Badois the father of the current owner.
The Bruant - now a little creek - flowing on the boundary of the Roche Courbon estate was millions of years ago a great river whose shores were reaching the outcrop the Roche Courbon Castle was built on. In time the river's water receded leaving behind a marshland that was initially the natural protection barrier for the medieval fortress later on transformed into the castle's garden.
The wooded sandstone cliffs above the Bruant River have at their base several large caves that were used as dwellings by the Stone Age man. The artifacts found in these caves are displayed in the little archaeological museum of the castle.

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Visiting Hours:Guided visits every day of the year, except Thursdays from September 15th to May 15th.
Closed on December 25th and January 1st, Sundays morning in winter, and each morning of the month of January.


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