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Chassiron Lighthouse

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The first Chassiron lighthouse was built in 1685 by the order of Colbert, Finance Minister of King Louis XIV.
This first fire tower was replaced in 1836 by the lighthouse that stands today on the Chassiron tip of Oleron Island. The light of the 46 meter tall tower can be seen from a 52km distance on a clear day.
The tower was painted with horizontal black stripes in 1926 to make it different from its "neighbor" "Phare des Baleines" lighthouse on the close by Ré Island.
The lighthouse's platform can be reached after a climb of 224 steps and allows a "bird's eye" view of a large part of the Oléron Island, the Ré Island, of Fort Boyard and of course of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Chassiron lighthouse is surrounded by a garden that is listed as "Remarkable Garden".

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Address:17650 Saint Denis d'Oleron
Visiting Hours:


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