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Château Lafite Rothschild

Grand Cru Classé 1855

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Château Lafite does not need any presentation.It was listed as one of the "Premiers Crus" in 1855. Its 800 years of history is detailed on its web site at In the 18th century the domain was along Latour, Mouton and Calon-Ségur the property of Marquees Nicolas-Alexandre de Ségur, - known as "le Prince des vignes" - one of the biggest Bordeaux region vineyard landlords of the time. Less now is that Lafite wine was introduced to Versailles court during the reign of King Louis XV, in the middle of the 18th century. This is what the Petit Journal was telling its readers in June 1907: "One day the king said to the Marechal de Richelieu: "- Mr. Governor Septimania, of Aquitaine and Novempopulania, tell me of one thing: is the Bordeaux Wine drinkable? - Sir, there are wines from that country which are not bad.- But what does this mean?- They have what they call the White Sauterne not worth that of Montrachet, nor those of the small hills of Burgundy, by far, but which is not, There is also a wine of the Graves, that smells like an old rifle and looks like the wine of the Moselle, but can be better preserved. They also have, in the Medoc and the Bazadois regions, two or three types of red wines of Bordeaux that make the village people very cheerful. It would be the best drink of the earth and nectar for the table of the gods, according to them, and are truly not far from the high Burgundy wine, or the wine of the Rhone, certainly! They are not very generous nor very strong, but there is a lot of the bouquet, and are not unpleasant. Moreover, you could drink as much that we want, and it puts you to sleep, and that's all. It is here that I find best. To satisfy the curiosity of the king, M. de Richelieu brought wine of Chateau Lafite at Versailles, where his Majesty found him fair. One could never imagined until then that the king would give Bordeaux wine to his guests, unless it were the only Bordeaux-Souloise, the Armagnacots, Astaracquois Gascons and other ... " However, this chateau-Lafite, that Louis XV found only "fair", this castle-Lafite went to have in the following century the most wonderful destiny. The harvest of 1811, the year of the comet - known as such due to the "Napoleon" comet that did approach the Earth at the grape harvesting time - sold at great prices from 130 francs a bottle. And the castle-Laffitte was still at the price of 70 and 66 francs for the harvest of 1834 and 1838."
Nowadays a bottle of Lafite STARTS at around €450 for the cheapest vintage. To make sure that you actually buy a LAFITE each bottle comes with a serial number that can be verified on the Lafite website!

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Address:33250 PAUILLAC France
Visiting Hours:The domain can be visited only by appointment taken at least 15 days in advance (by writen demand). The visiting hours are Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (closed during national holidays and from August to the end of October).


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