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Château d'Agassac

Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel

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Château Agassac is arguably the most romantic wine château of Medoc. It is also the most visited.
The first mention of a Agassac seigniory dates from the 12th century when its lord was Guillaume-Raymond d'Agassac.
In the 14th century the land was sold to the famous d'Albret family that in the 16th century gave France its first Bourbon King Henri IV and in the 16th century it becomes the property of Pommiers family.
It is during the 16th century that the castle takes it's nowadays shape: surrounded by fosses - the castle was initially reachable via a drawbridge that in the 19th century was replaced with a stone bridge -, flanked by 4 tours, with conical roofs, wide doors and mullioned windows.
The vineyard dates from the late 18th century and spreads on 43 hectares. The grape variety is: Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 47% and Cabernet Franc 3%.
Château d'Agassac is considered one of the most interesting wines of Medoc: The year 2000 vintage was selected by the prestigious "Wine Spectator" as one of the 100 best wines in the world and the famous wine critic Robert Parker includes it in his "The World's Best Wine Values Under $25" list.

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Address:15, rue du Château d’Agassac, 33290 LUDON-MÉDOC
Web Site:
Longitude: -0.6118
Visiting Hours:Visits and tasting on appointment:
Phone:(33) 05 57 88 15 47


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