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Cazeneuve Castle

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Currently owned and inhabited by the Dukes of Sabran-Ponteves - descendents of the Kings of Navarre- the castle was once the property of the King Henry IV of France and the residence where his estrange wife - the famous Queen Margo - was force to live while waiting for the annulement of their marriage. The castle is surrounded by a large tree lined park along the banks of the river Ciron where the legend says the frivolous Queen was secretly meeting her admirers - hence the name "The Queen's " given to one of the cove.

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Address:Situated close to the village of Prechac at around 40Km South East of Bordeaux
Visiting Hours: Easter to May 30, weekends and public holidays from 2pm. to 6pm. (Park opens at 11am.)
June, July, August and September, every day from 2pm. to 6pm. (Park opens at 11am.)
1st October to November, weekends and public holidays from 2pm to 6pm.


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