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Castets-en-Dorthe marks the junction of the Canal lateral de la Garonne with the river. It is the "Atlantic" end of the Canal of the Two Seas.
Before the canal "flows" into Garonne it passes through 3 locks the most important one being the last one - number 53 - that can be handled only by authorized personnel that takes into consideration the level of the Garonne river at the moment and the Atlantic tides!
There are 2 more interesting sites that can be visitedin the little town of Castets-en-Dorthe.The Saint Romain church end the Hamel Castle.
Saint Romain church was built in the 13th century during the time of the French pope Clement V. It is listed as historical monument since 1925.
Hamel's castle was built in the 14th century by Raymond Guilhem Goth, nephew of Pope Clement V.
In the sixteenth century, the castle inhabited by the Protestant Jean de Fabas and during the religious wars was besieged by catholic army under the command of Marshal de Matignon. King Henry IV raised the siege in 1585 and stayed in the castle.
Declared a historic monument since 1963 the castle cannot unfortunately be visited being a private property.

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