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Carennac is a little - population 370! - Medieval village member of the "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" organization.
The village that in ancient times was called Carendenacus was formed around a Cluniac church. Under the protection of its Cluny "mother" monastery the Carennac church is in the 11th century elevated to the rang of a priory and its church is rebuilt in a Romanesque style. In the 12th century the church is enlarged and a cloister is built. From this initial cloister only the gallery attached to the church survives, the other 3 galleries being rebuilt in the 15th century in a gothic flamboyant style.
Another interesting attraction of Carennac is Doyens Castle - chateau des Doynes - a beautiful 4 level building dating from the 16th century. It is in this house that Lamothe Fénelon, who lived there between 1681 and 1685, started to write his famous "The adventures of Télémacus, Son of Ulysses".
The castle now houses the "Art and History Heritage of the Dordogne Valley" Museum.

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Latitude: 44.9178
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