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Plus Beaux Villages de France

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Situated in Ariège department of the southwest, Camon is a fortified village listed as one of the most beautiful in France "Plus Beaux Villages de France".
The village was born towards the end of the first millennium of Christian era, on the banks of the River Hers, next to a Benedictine abbey founded in 778 by Charlemagne.
On June 18, 1279 the village - like all the other communities located on the Hers River valley - was completely destroyed by a flood.
During the next 30 or so years the village was rebuilt after the urbanistic plans of the time of a French royal fortress.
In 1494 the town was in large part destroyed again by bandits, the so called "routiers", who put it on fire. The church, the fortified wall and the large rectangular tower that is now called the castle, structures still standing, were built in the beginning of the 16th century by the Bishop of Mirepoix, Philippe de Lévis, the lord of the town.
Going around Camon's fortified wall you can easily recognize the village's resemblance to its bigger and more famous brother Carcassonne.
Today's Camon is a nice historic little village that features also more than 200 climbing roses on the facades of its houses. Moreover the town celebrates this beautiful flower on each 3rd Sunday of May with the "La Fête des Roses".
Situated 12km south of Camon, Montbel Lake, with a surface of 570 hectares, is a nautical sports base and a place where nature lovers can observe flora and migratory birds. Hikers can go around the lake on a marked trail that measures 16km (almost 10mi).

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