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Burlats - a little charming town at the gateway of the fascinating Sidobre region in the Natural Park of Haut Languedoc.
Burlats - now population 2,000 - was founded most probably in the 9th century around a Benedictine abbey.
In the 10th century the town and its region is donated by the Count of Toulouse to the Trencavel family, Viscounts of Albi, Béziers, Narbonne and Carcassonee, whose head Raymond Roger Trencavel achieved fame in the 13th century, during the Cathar crusade, for his fight against Simon de Monfort, the crusaders leader. Montfort beat Trencavel and the latter died, only 23 years of age, imprisoned in one of the dungeons of the Carcassonne fortress. The Viscount Raymond Roger did most probably grow-up in Burlats under the supervision of his mother Adélaïde, grand-daughter of Louis VI, King of France.
Viscountess Adelaïde, whose beauty and grace were renowned, held in Burlats a court that became in the second half of the 12th century a famous Occitan culture hub where "courtly love" was celebrated and many troubadours were coming to write poems dedicated to the beautiful viscountess.
Among the troubadours Arnaud de Mareuil was one "who has loved and sung a single lady": Adelaïde He was however supplanted by Alfonso II Count of Barcelona, King of Aragon, who demanded his departure. It is said Alfonso while king was living more on the northern side of the Pyreneen Mountains and most probably visited the viscountess in Burlats many times.
From those times dates the so called "Le Pavillon d'Adelaide" - a Romanesque style building that was probably the residence of the Trencavel family.
During the Religious Wars of the 16th century Burlats changed hands and was repeatedly destroyed by both Catholics and Huguenots.

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