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Department:Pyrenees Atlantiques
Number of Listed Historic Monuments:8
Saint-Jean-de-Luz's Tourist Office Web Site

tourist sitesTourist Sites (in and around the city)

Abbadia Castle Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site Ainhoa Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site Saint Jean Pied de Port Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site La Corniche Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site Bayonne Fortifications - Grand Bayonne Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site Fort Socoa Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site Sare Saint-Jean-de-Luz tourist site ...


Saint-Jean-de-Luzthings to do, activities, eventsThings to Do, Activites

"Fête de la mer" Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities "La Corniche" Feast Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Basque Music Concerts at the Cathedral Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities La Rhune Mountain Train Ride Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Open Classical Music Courses Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Pastore Lore Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Patrouille de France Meeting Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Socoa Festival Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities The Saint Jean de Luz Festival Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Tuna Festival Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Txakoli Feast in Ciboure Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities Visit a Basque linen weaving workshop and Basque brewery Saint-Jean-de-Luz activities ...


Saint-Jean-de-Luz short historySaint-Jean-de-Luz's Short History

Saint Jean de Luz - called in the local Basque language Donibane Lohitzun - is an old fisher's town situated on the Atlantic coast, near the Frenco-Spanish border.
The town belongs to what was in olden times the Labourd region, the most western part of the "Pays Basque" of France.
The first written evidence of the town's existence dates from the 11th century when a parish named "Santus Johannes de Luis" is mentioned as belonging to the Viscount of Labourd. From the middle of the 12th century until the middle of the 15th century Saint Jean de Luz together with...