October 2014 Newsletter

October 1st, 2014

Dear Friends,

gigantic dinner on the rue alsace-lorraineThe end of summer 2014 was, as usual, punctuated by two major events: The European Days of Heritage (September 20th and 21st) - an event born as a French initiative dating back to 1983 when the Ministry of Culture held its first historical monument open days - and the "Fête de la Gastronomie" (September 26th, 27th and 28th) a celebration of the country's famous cuisine held all over France.
The "Fête de la Gastronomie" goes together with the "Tous au restaurant" event that sees participating restaurants that include Michelin starred ones offering 2 for the price of 1 selected menus.

... and some of October month's events (the list does not include the year round activities)

City: Albi

check mark Tarn Tourist Train
Take a journey in the Tarn countryside aboard an authentic steam train from early 20th century.
The train goes between Saint Lieux les Lavaur and Martels railroad station next to the famous Martels Gardens (www.jardinsdesmartels.com) - a 35000 square meters floral park.
eyecandyAddress: Place de la République, 81500 Saint-Lieux-Les-Lavaur
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check mark Cruises on the Tarn River
Tarn River Cruises from May to October starting from the feet of the fortifications of the Berbie Palace.
eyecandyAddress: 7 Port Saint-Sauveur, Toulouse
eyecandyPhone: 05 65 30 99 33
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check mark Fashion Museum
Open from May to December the fashion museum displays the rich private collection of clothing and accessories from the eighteenth century to the 1970s.
eyecandyAddress: 17 rue de la Souque
eyecandyPhone: 33 (0)5 63 43 15 90
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City: Auch

check mark Medieval Campment at Termes d'Armagnac
The town of Termes d'Armagnac is situated some 60km west of Auch.
Campment date: October 26 2014
eyecandyAddress: Termes d'Armagnac, Gers
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check mark Aeronautical and Space Meeting
La Bastide de Gimont, also famous for its "foie gras" markets, welcomes during five days each year in October, the Aeronautical and Space Meetings.
Gimont is situated in the department of Gers some 30km (18.6 mi) west of Auch.
The event takes place during the first weekend of October.
eyecandyAddress: Gimont, Gers
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check mark Armagnac Fest in Labastide d'Armagnac
Labastide d'Armagnac is situated som 80km west of Auch.
Each year in October it celebrates its most famous "eau de vie" - the Armagnac.
Armaganc Fest animations include: Armaganc producing démonstrations, armagnac tasting, cooking workshops etc.
Dates: October 25, 26 2014
eyecandyAddress: Labastide d'Armagnac
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City: Beziers

check mark Saint Adrien Garden
The garden flourished on 4 ha on ancient Middle Age quarries.
The garden was awarded entries in the prestigious listings like:
* "Remarkable Garden" by the Ministry of Culture
* Top five parks in France in 2003 by the "Journalists Association Horticulture and Gardens"
* Label 'exceptional sites in Languedoc "(www.sitesdexception.fr)
The garden is also hosting themed balls like the Venetian Carnival (in June) or the "Belle Epoque" Carnival(in September)
eyecandyAddress: 34290 SERVIAN
eyecandyPhone: 04 67 39 24 92
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check mark Canal du Midi Cruise
The "Bateau du Soleil" offers from March to November cruises on the Canal du Midi and Thau Lake.
eyecandyAddress: 6, rue Chassefières - 34300 AGDE
eyecandyPhone: 33(0)4 67 94 08 79
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City: Biarritz

check mark Espadrille Museum
The espadrille is the traditional basque foot wear.
An espadrille shop, featuring an espadrille museum, is located in the little town of Osses, some 43km south east of Biarritz.
The place is open between March 15th and October 15th.
eyecandyAddress: Zone Artisanale ORDOKIA 64780 OSSES
eyecandyPhone: 05 59 37 79 38
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City: Bordeaux

check mark The Grand Wineries Tour Road Train of Saint Emilion
The little road train proposes a 35 minutes commented visit of Saint Emilion and its surroundings. The tour includes a stop at the wine Château of Rochebelle for wine cellars visiting and wine tasting.
eyecandyAddress: BP 73 33330 Saint Emilion
eyecandyPhone: 05 57 51 30 71
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check mark Finger Food Lunch at Patiras
Patiras is an 4.5km long 1km wide island in the Gironde Estuary in front of the town of Pauillac. Every Saturday at 12:00pm from May 3rd to October 25th 2014 the Office de Tourisme of Pauillac organises visits of the island with the taxi-boat "The Silnet".
Once arrived a finger food lunch is served in the dégustaton room or tent depending on the season. A welcome drink and coffee are included and one can buy wine on-site. One can also discover the lighthouse and beautiful panorama.

Lighthouse of Patiras, situated on the north-east tip, has guided ships for over 100 years. Today, acquired and restored by the Conservatoire du Littoral, it became a belvedere spot and offers a magnificent panorama of the Gironde estuary. 4 days per year tours are free, only the boat to access has to be paid. These visits are offered Thursday, May 1, Monday, July 14, Friday, August 15 and Sunday, September 14, 2014.
eyecandyAddress: 33250 PAUILLAC, Gironde
eyecandyPhone: +33 5 56 59 03 08
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check mark Pauillac Gironde Estuary Cruises
Discover, during a 1 1/2 hour cruise, the history of the Gironde estuary, its islands and the "Chateaux" of the Rives Médocaines.
This cruise is offered: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April at 2:15pm, Sunday April 13 to June 1st at 2:30pm, June 7 to June 28 at 2:30pm, on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays from June 30 to August 31 at 2:30pm and Sundays from September 7 to October 12 at 2:30pm.
eyecandyAddress: Pauillac, Gironde
eyecandyPhone: +33 5 56 59 03 08
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check mark "Planet Cooking" and "Oenology Club" at Planet Bordeaux
Numerous events surrounding the wine, wine tasting lessons, wines and gastonomy, wine making less known information etc.
Events take place once a month at Planet Bordeaux.
eyecandyAddress: Bordeaux
more info
check mark Saint Emilion Semi-Marathon
Every year on the second Sunday of October Saint Emilion and its surrounding villages ("satellites") organize the "Half Marathon of the Satellites of Saint Emilion".
Starting from 2012 the organizers have added the 5km course accessible to everyone.
Like in any self-respecting marathon the runners are encouraged to drink, all along the way, in order to avoid dehydration - only here they are not served water but wine!
The prize for the marathon winner is of course a case of Saint Emilion "grand-cru" bottles.
A medical certificate (released even from a different country) is necessary for the participation in the marathon.
eyecandyAddress: Saint Emilion - Montagne
eyecandyPhone: 05 57 57 99 63
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check mark Graves Wineries Open House
Each year in October, since 1996, the wine producers of Graves region of Bordeaux hold their "Open House". The event gives the visitors the opportunity to know the wine chateaux of Graves region, south east of Bordeaux.
Dates October 18, 19 2014
eyecandyAddress: Podensac, France (some 40km south east of Bordeaux)
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City: Cahors

check mark "Saint Cirque Lapopie" Lot river cruise
A 1 hour and 15 min cruise on the Lot river from town of Bouziès to Saint Cirque Lapopie on Lot river.(One of the most beautiful river cruise in France!)
The town of Bouziès is located some 27km east of Cahors.
eyecandyAddress: Bouziès, 46330 Lot
eyecandyPhone: 05 65 31 72 25
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check mark Chestnut and Cèpes (Boletus Mushrooms) Fest in Villefranche-du-Perigord
Villefranche-du-Périgord is situated some 40km (25mi) north west of Cahors.
It celebrated each year since 1988 on the third weekend of October the chesnut and Boletus Mushroom fest.
Animations include: chesnut cake competion, biggest mushroom competition, mushroom omelette competition, chesnut spitting contest (Guinness Book of Records) etc.
Dates: October 18, 19 2014
eyecandyAddress: Villefranche-du-Perigord
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City: Carcassonne

check mark Canal du Midi Short Cruises
Short Canal du Midi cruises (from 1 1/2 hour to 3 hours) starting from the pier in front of the railroad station.
eyecandyPhone: +33 4 68 71 61 26
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City: Dax

check mark "Echassiers" Shows
The performances by the Landes traditional "echassiers" take place in Dax several days throughout the year.
These are generally entrance free shows.
For exact date, time and location please go to the "Federation des Groupes Folkloriques Landais" web site printed bellow.
eyecandyAddress: Dax
more info
check mark Quicksilver Pro France
World men's professional surfing championship.
Held between: September 25th and October 6th 2014 in Hossegor-Seignosse and Capbreton on the Atlantic Coast.
eyecandyAddress: Hossegor-Seignosse and Capbreton
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check mark Sarrat Park
The Sarrat Park of Dax is listed as a "Remarcable Garden" by the French Ministry of Culture. It covers 3 ha and features French, botanical and English gardens.
Open only Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
eyecandyAddress: Rue du Sel Gemme, Dax
more info
check mark Vinoferia
Vinoferia is the wine fair held each year in Dax. It is a gathering of the regional wine producers. Animations include: wine tasting, cooking workshops, concerts.
Dates: Saturday October 18, 2014 and Sunday October 19, 2014.
eyecandyAddress: Arènes de Dax
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City: Foix

check mark Fig Fest
The fest take place every year since 2000.
Animations include ...démonstrations of fig gem making, unusual fig based dishes, music, dances etc.
Dates: October 4, 5 2014
eyecandyAddress: Place du champ de mars, 09290 LE MAS D'AZIL
eyecandyPhone: 05 61 68 97 08
more info
check mark Apple Festival at Mirepoix
Apple as in fruit ... not Apple Inc.
Dates: October 18th, 19th 2014
eyecandyAddress: Mirepoix, Ariège
more info
check mark Medieval Days at Foix Castle
Animations include: medieval knights fights, medieval music, medieval gastronomy etc.
Dates: October 11, 12 2014.
eyecandyAddress: Foix
eyecandyPhone: 05 61 05 10 10
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City: La Rochelle

check mark Oyster City
The town of Marennes, at around 60 KM south of La Rochelle, hosts the largest oyster culture French center.The visits are followed by oyster tasting.
The center is open from April until the begining of November - Toussaint Holiday.
eyecandyAddress: Voie de la Cayenne, 17320 Marennes
eyecandyPhone: 05 46 36 78 98
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City: Lourdes

check mark Major Pilgrimages
Major Pilgrimages take place in Lourdes all year round. Some of them are:
  • The armed forces pilgrimage that takes place each May and gathers more then 40,000 armies représentatives from all over the world.
  • The Order of Malta Pilgrimage takes place also each May and brings together at Lourdes the Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta from all over the world.
  • The Camargue herdsmen's pilgrimage that takes place each October.
  • The Pilgrimage of Rosary organized by the Dominican monks on the first week of October.
Other important religious festivities take place annually on the 11th of February - the aniversary of the first Appearance - and on December 8th the day of Immaculate Conception.
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City: Narbonne

check mark Canal Cruise
A 1 1/2 hour cruise on the Canal du Midi and Junction Channel on board of the replica of a 19th century barge. Available from mid April until November 1st.
eyecandyAddress: Ginestas, Aude
eyecandyPhone: 06 78 99 94 51
more info
check mark Orchid Fair at Fontfroide Abbey
During 3 days in October Fontfroide Abbey hosts the Orchid Fair.
The fair features displays of rare and collectible orchids, an orchid market and other animations around this flower.
Date: October 3,4,5 2014
eyecandyAddress: Fontfroide Abbey
eyecandyPhone: 33 (0)4 68 45 11 08
more info

City: Nerac

check mark Baise River Cruise
There are different tyoe of cruises on the Baise River from 1 hour cruise to a whole day one.
eyecandyAddress: Capitainerie du Port - 47600 NERAC
more info

City: Pau

check mark Little Train of Artouste
Situated at 2000 meter in altitude the little train rail is the highest in Europe. The little train crosses outstanding sites like the Brousset valley, the banks of the l'Ours and d'Artouste lakes etc; in the heart of the Pyrenean Mountains of the Bearn region.
eyecandyAddress: Village de Fabrèges 64440 LARUNS
eyecandyPhone: 05 59 05 36 99
more info
check mark "Stars Of Pau" Equestrian Competition
The "Stars of Pau" represents the only International 4 stars three-day event of France.
This event is a part of the closed circle of equestrian events of the world that include: Burghley, Badminton, Kentucky, Adelaïde, Lühmuhlen and Pau.
The event has been taking place each year in the month of October since 1990.
Dates: October 22nd- 26th 2014
eyecandyAddress: Pau
eyecandyPhone: 05 59 92 94 25
more info
check mark September in Béarn
This festival that starts at the end of August and ends in the middle of October includes "The Lamb Festival" of Escot in late August, "The Garbure World Championship" in Oloron-Sainte-Marie on the first weekend of September, "The Salt Festival" of Salies-de-Béarn, "The Festival of Béarn Chants" in Siros at the end of September and "The Festival of Corn" in Laàs in the middle of October.
For dates and more information please check the festival's web site.
more info

City: Perigueux

check mark Brantome - Boat Circuit
Brantome, called the Venice of Perigord, is situated some 24km (15.5 mi) north of Periguéux.
The "Jean Maffioletti II" offers short -45 to 50 minutes - cruises on the Dronne River. It is a unique opportunity to admire Brantome from the water.
eyecandyAddress: PONT COUDÉ, Brantome
eyecandyPhone: +33(0)5 53 04 74 71
more info

City: Perpignan

check mark Cathar Country Train Jouneys
Visit the Cathar Country on board of the little Train "du Pays Cathare".
The journeys offered vary from 1 1/2 hours to 1/2 day.
eyecandyAddress: 26, Boulevard de l'Agly, 66220 - SAINT-PAUL-de-FENOUILLET
eyecandyPhone: 04 68 20 04 00
more info

City: Sarlat

check mark Boat Trip on Dordogne
A 50 minute boat trip on Dordogne river starting from the town of Beynac is offered by "Gabarres de Beynac" company.
The trip take place aboard of a "gabare", a replica of a 19th century boat.
During the trip one can admire the Beynac, Castelnau, Fayrac and Marqueyssac castles.
eyecandyAddress: Gabarres de Beynac
24220 Beynac et Cazenac
eyecandyPhone: 05 53 29 39 76
more info
check mark Chesnut and Cèpe Festival
The festival takes place each year since 1988 in October in VILLEFRANCHE-DU-PERIGORD some 55km South of Sarlat-la-Canéda.
Animations include: farmer's market, arts and crafts market, parade of Chesnut Brotherhood, dances, gourmet meals, chesnut cake contest, chestnut spitting contest (!) etc.
Dates: October 19, 20, 2013
eyecandyAddress: 24550 VILLEFRANCHE-DU-PERIGORD
eyecandyPhone: +33 5 53 30 44 05
more info
check mark Dordogne Cruise from La Roque-Gageac
La Roque-Gageac is a little village some 13km south of Sarlat. It is the departure point of an 1 hour cruise on the Dordogne river with the "Gabarres Caminade"
eyecandyAddress: 24250 La Roque Gageac
eyecandyPhone: 05 53 29 40 95
more info
check mark The Dordogne River by Barge
A 55 minutes trip by barge on the Dordogne River starting from the town of La Roque Gageac offers a different point of view of its beautiful valley and of 4 castles: Castelnaud, Marqueyssac, Lacoste and de la Malatrie.
eyecandyAddress: Gabares Norbert
Le Bourg, 24250 La Roque Gageac
eyecandyPhone: 05 53 29 40 44
more info

City: Toulouse

check mark Medieval Festival of the Fig Tree in Verfeil
Verfeil is a little town 23km (14mi) west of Toulouse.
Each year it celebrates its history and its traditional ...fig cake.
Dates: October 19 2014.
eyecandyAddress: Verfeil, Haute-Garonne
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