Toulouse's Haunted House
Toulouse's Haunted House

November's Activities and Things to Do...

... in the South West of France

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening (depending on what side of the globe you are)...
and Happy Halloween and Happy All Saints Day!!!
mumsOn the 1st of November, France, like many other countries with strong Catholic traditions, celebrates Toussaint - the Day of All the Saints. It is a holiday instituted by Louis the Pious, King of Franks, as long ago as the year 835 AD. Later, in the 10th century, the Catholic Church added on the 2nd of November the day of the dead: "Défunts".
Today 1st of November is a national holiday, and many people take advantage of the day off to pay their respects to their dead - honored the next day - by visiting the cemeteries and putting on the graves pots of Chrysanthemums (chrysanthemums are considered in France symbolic of death and are used only for funerals or on graves, never to be offered!).
Events and things to do in November in south west of France:

City: Albi

check mark Fashion Museum
eyecandyAddress: 17 rue de la Souque
eyecandyPhone: 33 (0)5 63 43 15 90
more info

City: Beziers

check mark Saint Adrien Garden
eyecandyAddress: 34290 SERVIAN
eyecandyPhone: 04 67 39 24 92
more info
check mark Canal du Midi Cruise
eyecandyAddress: 6, rue Chassefières - 34300 AGDE
eyecandyPhone: 33(0)4 67 94 08 79
more info

City: Bordeaux

check mark The Grand Wineries Tour Road Train of Saint Emilion
eyecandyAddress: BP 73 33330 Saint Emilion
eyecandyPhone: 05 57 51 30 71
more info
check mark Foie Gras and Wine Days at Loupiac
eyecandyAddress: 33410 LOUPIAC, Gironde
more info
check mark Margaux Saveurs (The Tastes of Margaux)freebie
eyecandyAddress: Margaux, Gironde
more info
check mark Wine Tours offered by Ophorus Bordeaux
eyecandyAddress: Bordeaux
eyecandyPhone: 0633051009
more info
check mark "Planet Cooking" and "Oenology Club" at Planet Bordeaux
eyecandyAddress: Bordeaux
more info

City: Dax

check mark "Echassiers" Showsfreebie
eyecandyAddress: Dax
more info
check mark Sarrat Park
eyecandyAddress: Rue du Sel Gemme, Dax
more info

City: Foix

check mark Eycheil Chesnut Festival
eyecandyAddress: 09200 Eycheil, Ariège
eyecandyPhone: 06 89 97 03 15
more info

City: La Rochelle

check mark Oyster City
eyecandyAddress: Voie de la Cayenne, 17320 Marennes
eyecandyPhone: 05 46 36 78 98
more info
This list contains only the events/activities for the specific month excluding the ones that are available all year round.




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