February 2015 Newsletter

January 30th, 2015

Bonjour chers amis,
je suis charlie January 2015 will be written forever in French history as the month of the terrorist attacks: the first one of the satirical magazine Charlie-Hebdo and the second one of the Hyper Cacher store in Paris. It will also be remembered for the unprecedented display of unity of French people against these senseless atrocities.
Charlie-Hebdo is a relatively new paper, it first appeared in 1970 as a descendent of a humor magazine called Hara-Kiri, lasted until 1981 and started again in 1992.
French satire however, indeed satire itself, is as old as human communication. Some notes about French satire history are gathered in our blog article: "Short History of the Satirical Representations in France".
On a much lighter note:
aeroscopia toulouseThe newest museum of Toulouse, Aeroscopia, opened it's doors on January 14th. Situated next door to the Airbus Complex, the museum puts on display more than 80 planes including not one but two Concorde supersonics that can be visited inside. To learn more about Aeroscopia click here.
culinary olympic games bocuse dorThe "Bocause d'or" culinary competition - considered the Olympic Games of gastronomy, and created by the famous French chef Paul Bocuse - took place in Lyon on January 27th and 28th. And the Bocuse d'Or trophy went - for the 9th time in 28 years of competition - to the Norwegian team! The second and third place were occupied by US and Sweden respectively. The French team arrived only on the 7th place!
... and some of February month's events (the list does not include the year round activities)

City: Bordeaux

check mark Bordeaux International Jumping
Longines FEI World Cup Jumping FEI World Cup Driving Final
The programme features show-jumping and the spectacular final of the World Cup Driving and a new "cross indoor" event with best riders.
Dates: February 5th to 8th 2015
eyecandyAddress: Parc des Expositions, Bordeaux
more info
check mark "Planet Cooking" and "Oenology Club" at Planet Bordeaux
Numerous events surrounding the wine, wine tasting lessons, wines and gastonomy, wine making less known information etc.
eyecandyAddress: RN 89 – Sortie 5 – 33750 BEYCHAC ET CAILLAU
eyecandyPhone: 05 57 97 19 38
more info
check mark "Traversée de Bordeaux"
The 5th edition of the vintage cars show at Espalade des Quinconces
Dates: January 31st, February 1st 2015
eyecandyAddress: Esplanade des Quinconces, Bordeaux
eyecandyPhone: 05 57 00 11 90
more info

City: Cahors

check mark Truffle Day in Lalbenque
From the 1st Tuesday of December until late February / early March, the Tourist Office Lalbenque, in Lot department (some 28km south of Cahors), organizes each Tuesday the Truffle Day.
The program of the day consists of:
10:00: commented slideshow abou the Truffle and the Truffle Market.
14h00: Visit of the Truffle Market (the marketis held each Tuesday also)
15:30: Breakout demos (search for truffles) with dog or pig (weather permitting).
Reservation is required.
eyecandyAddress: Tourist Office Lalbengue, place de la bascule, 46230 - LALBENQUE
eyecandyPhone: Tél. 05 65 31 50 08
more info

City: Carcassonne

check mark Carnival of Limoux
Starting in January and ending in April, Limoux's carnival is the longest in the world.
It takes place each weekend during the above mentioned period and animations include: street music and dances, impromptu performances of traditional masks of "Le Pierrot", "Le goudil" and "Le Domino", etc.
eyecandyAddress: place de la République, Limoux, Aude
more info

City: Perpignan

check mark Carnival of Céret
Céret is located some 30 km (18mi) southwest of Perpignan.
The carnival of Céret takes place on Sunday 22nd and Saturday 28th of February 2015
eyecandyAddress: Céret, Pyrénées Orientales
more info

City: Sarlat

check mark Saturdays Truffle Market
During the months of December, January and February Sarlat host each Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00pm the truffle market. It is a small but interesting market to visit (and to marvel at the prices that the truffles can reach!) whose location is next to the regular open air market held each Saturday and Sunday in Sarlat main square.
eyecandyAddress: Place Boissarie, Sarlat
more info
check mark Périgord Walnuts Fest
The walnut of Périgord is honored throughout a whole weekend, with conferences for professionals and the general public, many activities for adults and children and the Regional Walnut Oil Competition. This event is an opportunity to discover the walnut of Périgord, its derivatives, its producers etc.
Dates: February 7th and 8th 2015
eyecandyAddress: Sarlat
eyecandyPhone: +33 5 53 31 53 46
more info
Le Sud-Ouest...C'est fantastique!
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