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Number of Listed Historic Monuments:68
Narbonne's Tourist Office

tourist sitesTourist Sites (in and around the city)

"Morel dos Fados" Dolmen Narbonne tourist site Archbishops Palace Narbonne tourist site La Clape Narbonne tourist site Interesting Sites of Narbonne Narbonne tourist site Saint Just Saint Pasteur Cathedral Narbonne tourist site ...


Narbonnethings to do, activities, eventsThings to Do, Activites

Terra Vinea Narbonne activities Canal Cruise Narbonne activities Fontfroide Abbey Flower Festival Narbonne activities Gourmet trails in Clape vineyards Narbonne activities Leuc Medieval Festival Narbonne activities Music Festival at Fontfroide Abbey Narbonne activities Old Trades Feast - Fête des vieux métiers d'antan Narbonne activities Olive Tree Festival Narbonne activities Orchid Fair at Fontfroide Abbey Narbonne activities The Organ Music Festival of Narbonne Narbonne activities World Kitesurfing And Windsurfing Championship Narbonne activities ...


Narbonne helpful hintsSome Helpful Hints

Narbonne is situated in the center of the France's oldest wine region.
For a suggested tour the wineries around Narbonne (that can be visited and that offer free wine tasting) click here

Narbonne short historyNarbonne's Short History

Narbonne - the "First Daughter of Rome outside Italy" - how is written on the traffic circle of its entrance is a town of a little over 50,000 inhabitants situated in Aude department.
Narbonne was founded in 118 BC by the Roman consul Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus - the first Roman colony in Gaul - under the name Colonia Narbo Martius.
At the time of its creation the town was to be a major stop on Via Domitia, the route that was linking Rome to the Iberic peninsula, whose remains are still visible today
During the 1st century BC Narbonne becomes...


Narbonne weather patternNarbonne Weather Pattern

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