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Cities in the southwest France: history, tourist sites, activities.

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Eight suggestions for touring the southwest of France.

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Traditional dish recipes from southwest part of France.

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France in facts and figures! Interesting less known facts about France

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25 Questions About France

Measure You France Quotient (FQ!)

1.Toulouse is also called:

The Pink City because of the colour of its old buildings

The Violet City because of the famous Violet of Toulouse flowers

The Blue City for the aeronautics company Airbus headquartered in Toulouse

2.What color does not appear in the Frech flag?




3.To buy an aspirin in France do you need to:

Go to a doctor get a prescription first

You can buy it in a pharmacy

You can buy it in a supermarket

4.When buying something, the tax (GST, VAT etc;) is included in the price displayed?




5.TGV stands for:

Terroir de Grands Vins

Train a Grande Vitesse

Taxe sur Grand Valeur

6.Henri IV was the first king from the:

Bourbon family

Valois family

Blois family

7.The highways in France are:

Toll Free

Fee based

Some are toll free some are paid

8.The Armagnac is obtained:

From distilled grapes from a certain region

From distilled prune juice from a certain region

From distilled apricot juice from a certain region

9.What is the France's preferred pet (in terms of contry's total number)




10.What is a Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé wine?

'A wine designated as such by the "Union des Maisons de Bordeaux"

The wines statistically most drunk in Bordeaux region

A wine designated as such in the 1855 classification

11.What is the ancient name of the city of Paris?




12.What is Île-de-France (translated Island of France) ?

Paris metropolitan area

A French Island in Indian Ocean

A former French colony in the Caribbean

13.Who said "L'etat c'est moi!" ("I am the state")?

King Louis XVI

King Louis XIV

President Charles de Gaulle

14.Who was Anne de Montmorency?

First woman Constable of France

Constable of France (man and not woman)

Wife of King Louis XIV

15.What is most common last name in France?




16.What is Verlan:

A form of French slang

A dialect made famous by poet Paul Verlaine

A worm ("ver" in French) found only in the region of south of France

17.Why is the rooster unofficial symbol of France?

Because ancient French used to like eating chicken soup

Because the rooster once saved Paris from fire

Because the pronunciation of the word Gaul (the name given to France during Roman occupation) in Latin is similar to the word rooster (in Latin)

18.Which of the names below is not the name of a town in France




19.Paris is situated in the department of:



Seine Maritime

20.Cantal is a name of:


French department


21.The main ingredient in Cassoulet - traditional dish of south west France - is



White Beans

22.Ariane is the name of:

French spacecraft launched from Centre Spatial Guyanais at Kourou in French Guiana

The second major airline of France after Air France

The name of the wife of current French President

23.Perigord is the ancient name of the nowadays department of:




24.The creator of Citroën cars was:

André-Gustave Citroën

Alexandre-Henri Citroën

Jean-Charles Citroën

25.What is Occitanie:

A nowadays region in the south of France

A nowadays region in the north of France

An ancient region covering a territory that included the south of France