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Number of Listed Historic Monuments:8
Dax's Tourist Office Web Site

tourist sitesTourist Sites (in and around the city)

Landes Atlantic Coast Dax tourist site Dax City Center Dax tourist site Sorde Monastery Dax tourist site ...


Daxthings to do, activities, eventsThings to Do, Activites

Asparagus Festival Dax activities Craft and Gastronomy Days Dax activities Feria de Dax Dax activities Festival Entre-Voix Dax activities Men's Choir Music Concerts at Dax Cathedral Dax activities Musical Festival of Abbeys of Landes Dax activities Quicksilver Pro France Dax activities Sarrat Park Dax activities The Museums of Dax Dax activities The restaurant of the the "Hospitality School" of Dax Dax activities ...


Dax short historyDax's Short History

Dax is an ancient city founded by the Roman conquerors in the 1st century AD.
It is a sub-prefecture of the Landes department in Aquitaine region, and has a population of around 20,000 inhabitants.
The town is famous since Roman times for its thermal water (which comes at a temperature of 64C) whose rheumatism treating qualities were discovered – according to the legend – by a Roman legionary who, when departing to war, decided to abandon his rheumatism afflicted dog. At his return he found the dog restored to health by the thermal water and the mud of the river...


Dax weather patternDax Weather Pattern

dax weather pattern Source:

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