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Tourist Sites in and around Auch

Tourist sites and attractions within a radius of km* from the city center

* The distances are point to point and not driving distances!

Listed as Great Site of Midi-Pyrenees At around: 0 km

Auch Old Town Auch has 25 buildings listed as historic monuments. Among them the "Monumental Staircase" built in the 19th century links the up and lower parts of the town. In the middle of the staircase can be found the statue of the most famous Gascon d'Artagnan. Right behind the Sainte Marie Cathedral and on top of the staircase is located the Senechal or d'Armagnac Tower used initially as a prison....
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UNESCO Heritage List At around: 0.07 km

Sainte Marie Cathedral The first stones of the new Auch Cathedral were laid on the 14th of July 1489, but the cathedral was consecrated only on the 12th of February 1548 while not yet completely finished.
The construction will only conclude almost two centuries after its start in 1680 with the completion of the façade decoration.
As a result of its construction extending over a long period of time the cathedral mixes the Gothic, Renaissance and Classic architectural styles.
The cathedral, a massive 100 meters long, 40 meters wide and 44 meters high building, is the symbol of Auch and due to its emplacement of the upper part of the town can be seen from a long distance by travelers coming to the city. The...

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At around: 14.05 km

Lavardens Situated in the middle of the department of Gers at around 20 km from the departmental capital of Auch, the medieval village Lavardens - population 375 - is listed as one of the most beautiful of France ("Les Plus Beaux Villages de France")
The little town that occupies a 300 meters high hill overlooking the fields of Gers has 2 important monuments: the castle and the bell tower of the Saint Michel church.
The church was founded in the 14th century by the then land lords the Counts of Armagnac.
The interior of the church is a beautifully simple one with interesting mosaics and painted glass windows.
The Lavardens castle is listed as a Historic Monument since 1961
The castle has his origin in the...

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Station de Tourisme, Spa Resort At around: 32.07 km

Lectoure Lectoure, population just over 4000, is one of the oldest towns in the Gers department and the capital of Lomagne historical region. Lectoure’s nowadays location has been inhabited since Gallo-Roman times but it is during the barbarian invasions of the first half of the first millennium of the Christian era the town surrounded itself with fortified walls.
During the high times of the Pilgrimage to Saint James de Compostela Lectoure was a stop on the Via Podiensis, one of the three major French branches of the Ways of St. James(still is to for the present-day pilgrims).
Throughout the Hundred Years Wars Lectoure was temporary under English domination – it is during this time that its Saint Gervais Cathedral with...

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At around: 34.43 km

Caumont Castle Caumont Castle - Chateau de Caumont- is situated some 45 km west of Toulouse in the Gers department of the southwest France, in the old region of Gascony. The castle was built on the site of a medieval stronghold that used to belong to Gaston Febus (1331- 1391) a powerful feudal lord in the Gascony and Bearn regions and ancestor of the King Henri the 4th of France.
The nowadays castle is composed of two architecturally and historically distinct parts.
The gatehouse, the oldest part of a more typically medieval architecture, dates from the fifteenth century. It is what remains of the original castle. The newer part, the castle itself, was built between 1525 and 1535 in Renaissance style by Nicolas Bachelier a famous...

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UNESCO Heritage List At around: 37.97 km

La Romieu The La Romieu little village - population 550 - was founded in 1062 by to Benedictine monks after their pilgrimage to Rome.
In the 14th century Arnaud d'Aux de Lescout, a native of La Romieu who later became Cardinal and Chamberlain to his cousin Pope Clément V, decided to built a religious college in his village.
Arnaud d'Aux, called by Clément's successor Pope John XXII "one of the pillars of the Catholic Church" is mostly known for his presiding over the process of the Templars that started in 1307 and the process of canonization of Saint Thomas d'Aquin.
The collegiate was built between 1312 and 1318 and was inaugurated the 30 of July 1318.

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UNESCO Heritage List At around: 38.7 km

Condom and Flaran Abbey The town of Condom is situated in the department of Gers in Occitanie region of south west France, on the banks of the Baise river.
Condom is one of the most important towns of the ancient French region of Gascony, land of musketeer captain d'Artagnan, who inspired Alexandre Dumas' namesake character in the historic novel "The Three Musketeers".
While the town has 18 buildings listed as historical monuments by the Ministry of Culture of France the most important are the Saint Pierre Cathedral and its cloister.
The town of Condom, named in the ancient times "Condatomagus" was inhabited since roman occupation of Aquitaine.
The first Christian church of Condom was built by Benedictine monks in the beginning of the 11th...

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At around: 39.86 km

Larressingle Larressingle is a tiny - population 204 - fortified village in Gers department.
It is a member of the "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" organization. In the Middle Ages it was the residence of the Abbots of Condom who built the castle, replaced the ancient church of the town and fortified the place during the 12th and the 13th century.
The name Larressingle derives from the Latin "retro cingulum" that means place surrounded by walls and implies the possibility that the place was encircled by fortifications during the Roman occupation of the South West of France, walls that were replaced as mentioned above in the Middle Ages.
The castle was inhabited by the Abbots until the 17th century.
In the 18th century the...

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At around: 47.98 km

Fourcès Fourcès is a little village in Gers deparment, member of the "Les plus beaux villages de France" organization.
The first testimony of the existence of Fourcès dates from 1068 when a charter attests the existence of a fortification situated in what is now the center of the village. During the Hundred Years War between France and England Fourcès changes sides many times and in 1488 King Charles VII of France gives the order of the destruction of the Forcès fortress for "felony and disloyalty ". The new castle that can be seen today on the banks of the river Auzoue (it is a private property) was built by Bertrand de Fourcès starting in 1491 during the reign of Louis XII.
To enter Fourcès, when...

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