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Number of Listed Historic Monuments:37
Albi's Tourist Office

tourist sitesTourist Sites (in and around the city)

Gaillac Old Town and Wine House Albi tourist site Cordes sur ciel Albi tourist site Penne Village and Castle Albi tourist site Sidobre Albi tourist site Castela Underground Galleries of Saint Sulpice Albi tourist site Episcopal City of Albi Albi tourist site The village of Bruniquel Albi tourist site ...


Albithings to do, activities, eventsThings to Do, Activites

"Céramique Contemporaine à Giroussens" Pottery Market Albi activities "Fête du croquant" at Cordes sur ciel Albi activities "Fête du train" - Train festival Albi activities "Gaillac Primeur" Wine Celebration Albi activities "World Pipe Organ Days" Albi activities Gaillac Wine Feast Albi activities Venetian Carnival in Castres Albi activities Bread Feast of Lautrec Albi activities Classical Music Festival "Musique sur Ciel" Albi activities Cruises on the Tarn River Albi activities Fashion Museum Albi activities Feast of Charcuterie of Lacaune Albi activities Grape Harvest Festival of Bruniquel Albi activities Hautpoul Medieval Festival Albi activities Hot Air Balloon Rides Albi activities International Ceramics Days in Giroussens Albi activities Lautrec Pink Garlic Festival Albi activities Lombers Medieval Festival Albi activities Lotus Festival Albi activities Medieval Fest of Lagarde Viaur Albi activities Medieval Festival at Bruniquel Albi activities Occitan Festival in Cordes sur Ciel Albi activities Penne Castle Medieval Feast Albi activities Pipe Organ Concerts Albi activities Sabot Making and Other Old Trades Festival Albi activities Saint Barthélémy Fest in Najac Albi activities Sainte Cécile Day Concerts Albi activities Tarn Tourist Train Albi activities The "Grand Fauconnier" Festival at Cordes-sur-Ciel Albi activities The Chestnut Fair of Laguépie Albi activities Toques d'Oc - The great chefs cook for you Albi activities Wine Tasting Classes in Gaillac Albi activities ...


Albi short historyAlbi's Short History

Albi is the departmental capital of Tarn. It has over 80,000 inhabitants and is visited every year by more then 2 hundred thousands tourists.
The Albi region has been inhabited since the down of human civilization as attested by the artifacts found in the area.
In the second century BC Albi is occupied by the Romans who respect the way of life of the Celts who were already living in the region.
In the middle ages, like the majority of the cities in what is now the Southwest of France, Albi becomes a quasi-independent city. It is also a time when the town...


Albi weather patternAlbi Weather Pattern

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